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  • Classic High Security Vertical - Designer Colors

    Classic High Security Vertical - Designer Colors

    High-security, fire-rated filingClassic High Security Vertical File CabinetStyles for functional, fire-protected storage you can trust, no matter your space requirements.

    $3,308.00 - $4,982.00

  • Classic High Security Lateral

    Classic High Security Lateral

    FireKing Classic High Security Lateral File Cabinet –Sleek lateral proportions designed for letter and legal filing; the versatile choice for professional-grade fire and theft protection with functional convenience.

    $3,780.80 - $7,732.40

  • FireKing 1-Hour Fire-Resistant Safe - 3 Sizes

    FireKing 1-Hour Fire-Resistant Safe - 3 Sizes

    Introducing the FireKing 1-Hour Fire-Rated Safe: The Real Deal in safeguarding your valuables. Constructed from solid, heavy steel, this safe is no lightweight when it comes to security. Featuring robust steel bolt work, it's designed to withstand the toughest conditions and deter unauthorized access with its formidable locking mechanism. Finished with a high-quality powder coat, this safe doesn't just resist intruders—it's also water-resistant, ensuring your documents, electronics, and valuables remain unharmed even in the face of spills or moisture. Peace of mind comes standard with our Manufacturer's Limited One Year Warranty and our unparalleled promise of a Free After Fire Replacement—because we stand firmly behind the enduring quality of our safes. Security is customizable thanks to the up to 4 user programmable lock. One manager holds the master override ability, with up to 3 additional users granted access, making it ideal for both home and office settings. Operational ease is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included), ensuring that your safe is functioning optimally. For organization aficionados, 2 Key hangers are included to keep everything neat and orderly. And when it comes to locking up, 2 Live bolts and 2 Deadbolts offer double the security, double the reassurance. Choose the FireKing 1-Hour Fire-Rated Safe and invest in the robust, reliable protection your valuables deserve.

    $603.60 - $655.80

  • FireKing SureSeal

    FireKing SureSeal

    1-Hour Fire-Rated Fire and Water Chest – SS 104Smart protective storage that shields your critical documents and valuables from the heat of fire and the damage of sprinkler systems. SureSeal by FireKing(R) brings you peace of mind.


  • Patriot File Cabinet

    Patriot File Cabinet

    Economical fire protectionPatriot Series File Cabinets An economical choice for reliable UL-rated fire protection in a range of sizes and dimensions

    $2,108.00 - $3,651.20

  • 25" Deep High Sec Vert files - Designer Colors

    25" Deep High Sec Vert files - Designer Colors

    FireKing 25 – 25-Inch Deep High-Security Vertical File –Letter-sized  2-drawer, professional-grade fire and theft protection in a convenient 25-inch deep design.

    $2,732.00 - $4,137.20

  • Personal Safes

    Personal Safes

    Small Personal SafeCompact, easy-to-use secure storage for home, office or dorm room.

    $177.20 - $455.00

  • Depository Safes

    Depository Safes

    Depository SafePut retail and point-of-purchase security concerns to rest with an easy to-use under the counter theft-protection solution.

    $954.00 - $1,156.80

  • Trim Depository Safe

    Trim Depository Safe

    Trim Deposit SafeSecure yet streamlined cash protection for use at point-of-sale.


  • One Drawer File

    One Drawer File

    Small and mighty records and digital media protection FireKing's compact and flexible one-drawer file cabinet is designed to meet your unique home, personal office, and/or small business needs. This durable, fire-rated file cabinet has been designed and tested to offer high quality asset protection, coupled with flexible filing capabilities for your most important legal or letter-sized documents.

    $880.00 - $992.80

  • Half Hour Fire-Resistant safe with two carpeted shelves

    Half Hour Fire-Resistant safe with two carpeted shelves

    Economical, Yet Uncompromising ProtectionSleep better knowing important records and other valuables are secured in a high-quality fire safe. Our basic model carries a 1/2-hour fire rating, boasts heavy steel construction, and has two adjustable interior carpeted shelves.


  • FireKing 2-Hour Fire-Rated Vertical File Cabinet - 2, 3, or 4 Drawers - 11 Colors

    FireKing 2-Hour Fire-Rated Vertical File Cabinet - 2, 3, or 4 Drawers - 11 Colors

    Secure your critical documents and valuable assets with the unparalleled safeguarding of the FireKing 2 Hour Vertical High-Security File Cabinet. This fortress for your files boasts our proprietary Thermocell II insulation, providing twice the defense against heat and flames compared to standard fire-rated storage solutions. The robust Thermocell II technology is reinforced with a formidable 1” by 2” lattice composed of 14-gauge galvanized welded steel wire, offering unmatched protection. This cabinet ensures complete peace of mind, safeguarding contents from fire, impact, or explosion. Certified with a UL 2-Hour 350 Fire Rating, this file cabinet endures temperatures of 1700°F while keeping the interior below 350°F. It's also UL 30-foot Impact-Rated, meaning it can withstand a fall from a 30-foot building while remaining intact and locked, and it has an ETL 1/2-Hour Fire Rating for Digital Media, protecting your electronic media from fire damage. The UL High-Security Key Lock offers top-tier security, ensuring that sensitive materials are accessible only to authorized users. Its water-resistant build provides additional security against sprinklers and other water hazards. Proudly Made-in-USA, the FireKing file cabinet doesn't just promise strength; it also delivers style with a selection of 11 colors to seamlessly integrate into your office décor. Each drawer is secured with UL® listed Medeco high-security key locks, widely recognized for their resistance to picking and drilling. The drawer pulls are strategically surface mounted, maximizing the room for extra insulation within the drawer heads, enhancing the cabinet's overall protective capabilities. Choose the FireKing 2 Hour Vertical High-Security File Cabinet for ultimate protection and a sound mind, knowing that your most important items are safe and sound.

    $3,803.00 - $5,845.40


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